Cellx is the new cardboard solution

Cellx is the solution. Literally. Our unique solution that is applied now for the first time to cardboard brings this paper and pulp material a new, lighter and stronger lease of life with a whole range of new possibilities in design and application. It provides Architects, Designers, Visual Merchandisers a whole range of new ways to create light and strong structures for interiors and visual communication purposes.
It brings a new standard in safety in construction material which benefits the users of cardboard in everyday projects. The X factor is in the solution specially created to bring and combination of strength and lightness to cardboard.

A new solution to everyday construction needs. 




Amazing lightness to strength ratio


Tried and tested

 Cellx cardboard is incredibly light

What makes Cellx so special is its lightness. It can easily be lifted, used and applied with a lightness unknown in the construction industry. The lightness comes from the application of Cellx to the cardboard resulting in an incredibly light construction material which offers a whole scale of new and creative applications. Cellx is 67% lighter than other construction materials such as MDF, chipboard or plasterboard. The benefits give extra flexibility to the material while existing techniques of CNC cutting or other ways of construction need not be adapted or changed.

Cellx is 67% lighter than similar materials used in the construction industry

Cellx is 67% lighter than similar materials used in the construction industry

Construction just got easier and safer with Cellx

Cellx cardboard is exceptionally strong

Cellx cardboard is amazingly strong. In fact it makes cardboard 3 times stronger. The drenching of cardboard into our Cellx solution turns the cardboard into a much stronger entity - almost stone-like. We call it fossilization. The cardboard becomes as strong as traditional materials, yet preserves all environmental aspects and lightness needed for easy application and use.
The strengthening of the cardboard gives an unmatchable strength to weight ratio. It’s flexural strength, as in what it takes to bend the cardboard, makes it ideal for use in semi and permanent constructions such as exhibition stands, shops and showrooms as well as interiors and office walls.

Cellx. Stronger than it looks.

Cellx is fireproof

In recent times fire safety and fire resistance has come to the front of new stronger regulations for construction materials. Fire resistance to most construction materials is an extra cost or material choice, for Cellx it’s our standard. Tested by Notified Bodies Cellx achieved the first Class B reaction to fire certification on 1 June 2017 and NFPA 701 flame propagation certification on October 19, 2018.

European Classification

Classification of reaction to fire performance in accordance with EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009
Classified to its reaction to fire behaviour as: B-s1,d0 


USA Classification

Classification to flame propagation in accordance with NFPA 701-2015 Method 2
Length of char: average of 78mm (maximum allowed is 435mm)


Fireproof is the new standard in cardboard as a construction material

The Cellx Fireproof Test


Not many construction materials can make this statement proudly. Sustainability for Cellx is the fact that every component of our product offer is naturally sourced. From our solution to wood pulp-based cardboard that is drenched in it, Cellx can return to nature as it was nature that created it in the first place.

Sustainability is also about durability and use. We believe that this product offers secondary environmental aspects due to its weight and strength. Being lighter means less transport costs, less construction costs which always equates to less energy and footprint.


We are creating a new standard in construction materials.
There is no non-sustainable Cellx alternative.
Sustainability is our default.