Product specifications

How we make it

We take cardboard, a natural paper and pulp product and drench it in Cellx. Our solution treats the cardboard so that it hardens in what we call fossilized. After lamination our production process delivers ready to use cardboard panels of incredible lightness and strength.
The two-step process takes place in our production centre in Middelstum in the North of the Netherlands.
After the cardboard is processed there’s a number of customized finishes available to your specification in terms of laminating and surface printing.
We provide standard cardboard sizes and thicknesses as well as offer customized solutions on thickness and construction.

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How does Cellx compare?

The construction industry is changing rapidly.
The need for stronger safety regulations together with more sustainable requirements put Cellx at the forefront of tomorrows construction needs in comparison to alternative materials that are more established.
In facts gathered from different sources, together with our own independent testing, Cellx scores highest on the three most important factors: weight, fireproof and environmentally friendliness.

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Standard design

Laminated (both sides) core of recycled vertical corrugated cardboard. Different top layers of 250 grs, 290 grs or 375 grs paper are available. The sides have an open structure. Flute pitch 8-9.5 mm, flute height 4.8 – 5.3 mm. The core material is treated in a special way with natural minerals, making the material fire resistant according Euro Class B. 

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Cellx Euro Class B has a smooth top layer of high quality printing paper, which gives the panels a high-quality appearance when printed.

Classification of fire behavior

Cellx Euro Class B is tested according to the European Standard EN 13501-1 and received the B-s1, d0 certification (test done by Notified Body – Peutz Laboratory for Fire Safety: Y 1792-3ER-A-001).
It has also received certification for North America, according the NFPA 701-2015 Test Method 2 for Fire Propagation (test done by Exova Warringtonfire North America). 

The European Class B Classification

The European Class B Classification

The USA pass classification

The USA pass classification

Digital cutting

Cellx panels can be used as stand and interior construction material. Cellx Euro Class B is easy to cut on various digital cutting systems like Zünd, Esko Kongsberg and Aristo. Settings for each system are available.

Machining by form saws, contour cutting, CNC milling, edge banding, trimming, punching, stamping and pressing according to customer requirements and technical feasibility is also possible. The panels can also be laminated with various materials, like HPL etc.

7-11% on delivery ex works
Storage conditions
Temperature: 18-25 °C
Humidity: 40-55% relative humidity

Storage instructions: stacked stocking (horizontal), protected against moisture and heat sources
Guaranteed storage time: 3 months, beginning delivery ex work

Download the product specifications sheet here | PDF

Better for everyday construction.
Better for the environment.
Overall better by far.